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Sasuke's first day of 4K.

First day taking the bus, I ran into a few snags.

Our neighbor curbed her son's broken bike.

We Frankensteined it with another bike curbed last year by another neighbor.

Looking at dinosaurs. These cellphone VR sets are fun but really gimmicky. I picked this one up at the thrift store.

I got to take Kenny to the park while the other two were at the dentist.

Kenny wants to do whatever his big brother is doing.

A nice aspect of riding the bus is that I get to walk a lot more.

I beat my personal record, 202!

The bus takes me into town before rush hour starts.

He handed me his outdoor hat and tapped his head, then went to the gate and tapped the latch. Still not many words, but it couldn't have been clearer he wanted to go outside.

Spaceship battle