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I added a cubby to the right side of this cupboard.

After six years we finally have somewhere to put our cutting boards.

I heard what I thought was a seagull, but found this huge hawk instead.

I also spotted what the hawk was looking for. This squirrel didn't move a muscle for several minutes after the hawk flew off. We don't have brown squirrels living around here which makes it more unusual. Maybe it was being chased a good distance.

I felt like taking the old $7.99 thrift store camera out again after seeing that hawk this morning.

This hose has a built in rainbow-maker.

This is so satisfying.



Waxed my car.

I fired this beauty up for fun tonight. The power supply is not long for this world by the squeal of it. Pentium 233MMX, a classic. Windows 98SE runs like butter.

I woke up to this crazy orange sky right at 6:00 this morning. It's not hugely impressive in the photo, but was quite something.

I spotted these two turkeys driving home, so I did a loop around the block and got a shot from inside the car.

The neighbor cat got herself some orange feet.

First ever back to school haul.

Sasuke will be happy we still have a small supply of berries.

Kenny back-rub