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The last boards and trim went down yesterday. Today I cut the two edges straight and cleaned up.  I’m planning to build a step up to the door but it’s not critical. The lawn needs mowing tomorrow.

Step is built.

It holds a secret.  I built the top as a solid piece with chest hinges on the back. It works great but is super heavy so I'll try adding some lift support struts like you see in DIY campers.

Very tired Sasuke misses Japan already.

Back at the airport to pick up Mai.  She arrives about four hours after everyone else.

“How much minutes?”

(It ended up being about 2 hours.)

Benji cooling off.

My first attempt at making English crumpets.  They took about an hour to prepare and an hour to bake since you can only do 4 at a time in a frying pan.  I think I'll buy them from a store going forward. :P

The boys ride an elephant.

Turnip Tower

Chicago Pizza