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Trying to go to the park, but Kenny hates wind.

“Windy! Home Mama.”

“One more pizza?”

We got a pizza with a side of wings and Kenny nabbed about five pieces. He loves fried chicken. He didn’t touch the pizza.

“Sasuke, you’re having another one?  You ate like a hundred!”

“I didn’t eat a HUNDRED.  What are you talking about Papa?”

Unfortunately (for me) he’s still too small to effectively use the reel mower. He kept it up for a good half hour to earn Minecraft time though.

The kids trying a few of Jared’s old Super Nintendo games.

Asian Bleeding-heart

Wild Geranium

The little streak is the International Space Station.

“Papa treehouse は yeppers?”

New A/C is installed. 🎉

Can you hear “choo choo?”

We went biking at the trail by the golf course.

Unlucky golfers made for lucky kids.

We attached a camera to a kite.