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Kenny, no.

Mama left the house for a moment.

Out for a walk. Kenny would steer my head where he wanted to go. He's pointing at a dog.

Very happy about getting a Happy Meal.

Oops, I forgot the yeast.

That's better. 👍

This nine year old iPad still works and is easy enough for a not-quite-two year old to use. His favorites are Peppa Pig, Sushi Cat, and PBS Kids.

We've been going on these shoulder walks every day.

Blowing milkweed seeds

How tall am I?

They decided they wanted to sleep in the hallway... for about 12 seconds.

Mama wanted to put a vegetable on his fork.

One upside to the pandemic is that I get to eat lunch with my two goofballs everyday.

Brushing our teeth

Sasuke kept running off to Mama trying different excuses to get out of his homework. Kenny took over.

After work Kenny wanted to go for a ride, do we drove to a different park to hike.