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Ants disassembling a raspberry flower for ant reasons.

4th of July BBQ in Middleton.

I'm at it again...

The first harvest of black raspberries on vanilla ice cream.

Excuse me, are your windows more than five years old? If so you need to replace them! Hello? Did you close the door to get your checkbook? I'll wait.

I found a waffle in the freezer We made these in early June. It was fine.

That's not supposed to be all melted...

Pow, right in the kisser. :(

I peeled off the glass which turned out to be basically a sticker. While wearing safety glasses, of course.

I need a donor...

I should have been a surgeon.

Case back on. Mint.

The cheap plastic adds a bit of haze, but it's really not that bad.

A/C on full blast all day can't keep up with this heat. It did pull all the humidity out though, so it's a very comfortable 80F.

The replacement piece I ordered finally arrived from eBay.

Good as new, and it only cost me four bucks.

My neighbor gave me some more hostas.