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Circus World Baraboo

Big juicy kiss.

Sasuke drew this picture of Kenny and himself.

Early birthday for Kenny before their big trip.

One last hug before they head to Japan for the summer.

Last glimpse.

The house is really quiet. I spent the whole day yesterday cleaning to keep myself busy. I didn't wake up when Masami texted her arrival, but they made it safe and sound.

On the way home from bowling I spotted a free dresser, so I pulled over and threw it in the Prius. Hopefully it still looks good in the daylight.

Pulled out the nasty old basement toilet.

And installed a brand-new one!

Removed our thermostat...

Connected up the wires...

And done! It's so nice out though, after testing it I just turned it off. :)

Bowling night

Sasuke's strawberries came in for a second year. I gathered them up before the chipmunks had a chance.

I bought a cheap USB endoscope to try and find a way to get an Ethernet cable run between the modem and my computer. I've been using the four-wire thicker cable shown here, but the speed is half the internet connection. Had the original installer not stapled down the wire, I could have just tied a new cable on one end and pulled the old one from the other side.

The unfortunate collateral damage of finally running a gigabit capable cable between the internet modem and my computer. I tried to contain things behind where the removed trim piece conceals but it didn't work out that way.

Once patched over my blood pressure returned to normal. After the drywall compound dries for a day I can sand and put the trim back up and we'll be right as rain.

I made bread for the week and sent Masami this photo. She asked why I made a triangle. :)

Sasuke and I played together on FaceTime. He'd tell me where to build and I'd build it. In between I'll occasionally work on it and send him updates. He gave me strict instructions not to smash it until he gets back.