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I came home to this perfectly symmetrical castle.

Sasuke was able to sit with the other kids and watch a 35 minute musical. So proud.

Kenny doing some walking

Sasuke's last preschool field trip.

We picked up a Jenga set. Sasuke is pretty good at it.

We deviated from tradition a smidge.

It's not the most elegant looking pie, but it came from our home grown rhubarb.

Brat Fest

We encouraged Sasuke to try some of the more exciting water features but he preferred the ones near our chairs.

Taken from the Kodak Z5120 I found at Goodwill for $7.99 yesterday. Best eight bucks ever.

A man on the move. He took a header this afternoon. He's so excited about walking he never stops. So cute.

Spider in the bathroom.

He was all excited to ride with me to FedEx. I wonder how long that'll last. :)